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Love for Mei-sama!!
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Picture above by kaitoholic

My lil 💙 Box
(not in any particular order bc u all are gorgeous in different, special ways to me~)



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Vocaloids/Fanloids I love
KAITO Stamp by Shiro-cchin ♬ :thumb448766911: ♭ VY2 | Yuma Stamp by Nanaiko
Vocaloid Fukase Stamp by Hatsune01MikuLUVER Vocaloid Stamp - Dex by FakeTsuki YOHIOLOID Stamp by Aleyra
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Gakupo Kagura by just-stamps Meiko Sakine by just-stamps Kaito Isamine by just-stamps
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It's all fantastic by Luc1d-d3th I LOVE NEKO BOYS by ChiisanaHoshi + Mystic Messenger Stamp + by kuu-jou
Yuri!!! on Ice Stamp #6 by samanta199822 Yuri on Ice fan stamp by StantheGamingdog Yuri!!! on Ice Stamp #5 by samanta199822


Goin' 4 da Siwon
~click for better quality~

His base has been done for a bit but I've been too lazy to dress him so now he
has finally been c l o t h e d...

Also, woah, it's a non-vocALOID MODEL?!?! or non-Kaito one, same difference//shot
I doubt many people know, but Jinha is from a manhwa
called "A guy like you." The art in it is rEALLY BEAUTIFUL AND EVERYTHING
IS COLORED AND GORGEOUS S O---I recommend giving
it a peek if you can~

I want to do other outfits for Jinha in the future (since there are many).
This one is based off the clothes he was wearing at the freshman
retreat...wHERE HE FELL IN L O V E! Speaking of Jinha's love, I also plan to do his 
boyfriend who isn't actually his boyfriend, but they are basically dating and he is kind of slow with that so it frustrates me, Siwon.
Probably not going to start on him anytime soon though, but he is in my plans~
I can't let Jinha be alone, it's too cruel
But if you plan to look into "A guy like you" be ready for some feels later on and
also frustration with Siwon for being a dummy more than once, it's okay though. 
Drama always makes a story more saucy~ :,.D

名伏, AA2, Shiremide1, 黒鬼, ぱぴこ, どM

Pose by MaiCroft
Happy Birthday Bee!!!
Happy B(ee)-day DawnRedd!

You are a wondrous sweetiepie and I'm glad I've gotten to know you~
I hope you get to max out your happiness today! <3

Rei Sakuma by ブチコぶ
Coffin by DasChui
Cupcake by azyazya
Candle by 黒鬼

Stage by hazi

SoftAndHardLightHLShader, PostMovie, HgSAO, SelfOverlay_Blur, AutoLuminous
I've been studying for an exam that is tomorrow ever since I came home from school (and since this weekend) and I have so much anxiety omg-
It's literally affecting me physically, I feel sick to my stomach and I'm a little lightheaded.
I don't think I've ever felt anything like this before for a test...such a bad time. @ ~ @

hhhh...I hope I do well...and feel better when the actual test comes. It's my first college exam so I'm a nervous af...and stressed.

(I just needed to vent my feelings a bit and take a small break from staring at a piece of paper with numbers and letters on it. So much fun I know. = v =; Wish me luck bc I gotta go back to studying n o w!!! ) 
Happy Birthday Akane have a voice now, right? Then let's sing together for the first time.

I wanted to do a b-day pic for Akane and he recently got a config so I thought
of this. So hbd to the spicy tree!

Model edits by me
Presents by amai-kitten
Music note by rijuu-han
Orbs by 汚い方の匠
Background by イッセキ王子

SoftAndHardLightHLShader, o_Tonemap改変 いろどり, PostRimLighting2D, Vignette, HgSAO, AutoLuminous
It's VY2's b-day today and I can't do anything for it bc I'm s i c k

I didn't do anything for Kaito's either last time s o b

but happy birthday to VY2 aNYWAY! Since he is 2nd fav Japanese male vocaloid I wanted to at least do a smol status.

maybe someday he will be blessed with a V4 or V5 if that ever happens


I hope


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